The Gin Palace – Photos & Reviews – Dublin, Ireland 🇮🇪

No.2 My Favourite Cafe Restaurant in Dublin

The Gin Palace

42 Abbey Street Middle, North City, Dublin 1, D01 R260

My Review: ★★★★ (Highly Recommended!)

This is a bar/pub restaurant which serves global cocktails, gins, rum and pub food. We chose a nice seat close to the window, that was close to the heater feels very comfy after shopping outside in the cold weather! 😏

Gin palace is one of the most popular bar in Dublin. Red-walled, Victorian decoration and majestic interior design makes you feel like really going to visit a palace! 

My dinner was Banger and Mash on the Main Course section. It was so delicious with the gravy on top, with 2 jumbo of garlic and chived sausages oven-baked and served with creamy mashed potatoes. 😍 Banger and Mash costs only €12!

Oh, just in case if anyone is interested in my friend’s dinner(Sadly not interested mine lol), it was Half Roasted Chicken on the Main Course menu section. Chicken with sea salt and rosemary served on the bed of savory stuffing topping with bacons and rich onion gravy served with a choice of fries, baked or garlic potatoes.”

And they have various gins, cocktails, rum and more on their Drinks menu.

Opening hours:

Monday        12p.m.–12a.m.
Tuesday        12p.m.–12a.m.                                                    Check the website!
Wednesday   12p.m.–12a.m.
Thursday      12p.m.–12a.m.
Friday          12p.m.–1a.m.
Saturday      12p.m.–1a.m.

*Bank Holidays differ

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